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byron walker
AWARD: Natural Reclamation
Lake Eustis Museum of Art
July 2010

Reveals reverence and respect for nature with each unique
piece of art he crafts. A hunter and gather of discards, B
assembles them into new objects of art to redefine the original
intent of old elements as a new whole. Walker is not bound to
any style, medium, method or interpretation. Intuitively
constructs his art with curiosity and humor, provoking viewers
to think and formulate their own ideas on art and conversation.

An Artist who “majored in landscape architecture and minored in art with a
focus on sculpture” may be the perfect Artist for a world in which we can no
longer think of ‘rubbish’ as trash.  On July 23rd at 6 pm the ever-inventive Lake
Eustis Museum of Art will invite the public to an opening for “Natural
Reclamation: Byron Walker” including an artist’s talk. Winter Park sculptor
Byron Walker reveals his respect for nature in each of his unique pieces as he
assembles found objects into unique works of art. Walker uses intelligence,
humor (and trash) to ‘provoke’ his viewers into re-thinking their ideas on art
and conservation.
Double Steel Ribbons
Orange County Arts & Cultural Affairs issued an
invitation to area photographers to choose a piece
of Orange County public art to incorporate into a photograph of their own
artistic interpretation. The photograph also had to include a small red chair
within the composition. The chair is not only symbolic of arts audiences but is
also representative of the Red Chair Project, the area’s cultural information
portal (